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Serrano, amigo, cerveza, y sol – Spanish is easy.

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Afternoon siestas, horizon-stretching beaches, and all the tapas you can eat

Spain is the second most visited country on the planet, and there are plenty of reasons why. It owes some of its popularity to the spectacular landscapes and views, of course. The rolling, red hills that turn into verdant forests, and magnificent mountain ranges that briefly kiss the skies before they plunge into the azure blue waves of the Mediterranean. A scenery as dramatic as its colour palette. Apart from having the greatest number of Blue Flag-awarded beaches on the planet, there are also the architectural wonders and immense cultural treasures to take in. Spain is divided into individual regions that all have their own hypnotising stories to tell. The regions share their heritage through literature, crafts, paintings, sculptures, music, and these stunning works of art are proudly displayed in almost every city, town, and village. It’s easy to fill a day (, or a month!) just trying to get to know a city and region through its history and cultural scene. And finally, you can enjoy their world-famous dishes. They’re often served in the form of bite-sized tapas, but you really can’t go wrong ordering a big pan of paella either. But whether you get served on small or large plates doesn’t matter in the end. They will all be filled with dishes so delicioso you will remember them forever. So, por favor, say ‘hola!’ to your new best friends: the chorizo, patatas bravas, pimiento, cava, rioja, tempranillo, and the rest of the unforgettably great gang.

Stay Spanish

Afternoon siestas, horizon-stretching beaches, and all the tapas you can eat