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The long story of our short-term rental life

Stay Sanders

Our story

Sanders Stay is a global short-term rental company headquartered just North of Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 2019 by Bo Sander, who brings with him over two decades of experience in the rental market. Seeing plenty of competition within the short-term industry, but not much separating the competitors from each other, Bo identified an opportunity for a new company to come in, stand out, and prosper. One thing is more important than any other to Sanders, and that is trust. Not simply a belief that things will turn out well, but a true trust and understanding between all parties that all promises will be fulfilled, expectations will be met, and problems will be solved. That kind of trust that must be earned. We earn that trust by doing things the right way every day for every stay. Having a strong focus on all our partners and guests while providing unique services that guarantees the comfort of vacation homes, holiday apartments, and remote workspaces. In short: by continuously working to set a higher standard for ourselves to gain your trust, we believe Sanders will be the obvious choice for all stays away from home.

Stay ambitious

Setting a new standard

The word ‘standard’ can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people – even nothing for some. But for us, it means everything. Our aim is to set a new standard in the short-term rental industry. It might sound overly ambitious, but we truly believe we can. A high standard for us means tending to the needs of those we care for. Our Guest Communication Centre is always open, and every day of the year. Our interiors are always stylish and of high quality. Our homes are always found in the best spots around. We always take note of your concerns, suggestions, thoughts, and worries. We go that extra mile; we prove that we truly care.

Stay exploring

When the world is your oyster, become a seafood lover

Different travellers have different priorities and needs. Some must have views of the sunsets every evening, others demand close proximity to the ocean (or at least a cooling dip in the ocean!), while some only concern themselves with metropolitan vibes, wild nightlife, and roomy dancefloors. Finding a perfect spot in the sun or the ideal environment for a remote workweek can be a challenge. Many times we choose to go to somewhere we’ve never been before. So, there’s usually a tingle of uncertainty when booking rooms and making reservations. That should never be the case with Sanders. Our homes are found in ideal spots, and no matter if you’re looking for a house where the Mediterranean comes all the way up to your front door, a penthouse for ten people in the middle of a vibrant resort, or a remote finca in complete and serene isolation – we promise to find just what you need

Stay contemporary

Modern furnishing, inspiring interiors

We believe that staying in a Sanders home should feel a certain way. In the best of worlds, the home feels extraordinary enough to make your entire holiday special. That’s how we want your vacation to feel, at least. There’s always a tiny chance it might rain. To make sure we deliver on a good experience, we put a great deal of attention and care into our interiors and furnishing. Embracing our Scandinavian heritage, we work exclusively with high quality furnishing, sleek and timeless designs, and in natural colours. Scandinavian design is characterised by functionality and elegance. It’s a style that works incredibly well in a vacation home.

Stay forever green

Building success on a clean conscience

Getting to discover different and wonderful places around the world is a privilege, and something we should cherish. The impact we have on our planet’s ecosystems needs to be considered, so it makes sense for us to make conscious choices. For today and tomorrow. We base our partnerships on an understanding of not only shared business values, but also what environmental perspectives and ideas we have in common. The same goes for our suppliers, where we work exclusively with those that share our ecological approach to products and services. Our model of taking charge of existing properties with untapped potential, and then upgrading the exteriors, interiors, and furnishing, makes for a truly green business plan. Instead of wasting resources on building something completely new, we upgrade and develop instead. Improving and setting our own standards also means we can guarantee great travel experiences, and even extend the seasons for visitors. If we can do something, we should do something.