Stay spoiled in the sun

There are a lot of good reasons for you to aim for the Spanish riviera the next time you plan your holiday. The colourful, rolling landscapes here are breath-taking, the charming little towns along the coast are all inviting, and the endless glittering waves of Costa del Sol beckon as soon as you arrive. It’s not by chance that this area has attracted legions of loyal visitors for over a century. The history of this specific part of Spain, and Andalusia, is a fascinating one. In the past, this coastal stretch has seen power swiftly switch between Spanish, Jewish, and Arabic rulers. Today, these influences can be felt and tasted throughout the area – in the architecture, in the cooking, and in the social traditions. It makes for a unique experience, all in the middle of paradise. Another timeless excuse to hit Costa del Sol is of course the weather. It’s even in the name. With over 300 days of sun every year, you will have a hard time not enjoying yourself. There are beaches awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag almost everywhere, and all along the oceanfront – just pick your favourite one and relax.

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