Stay romantic on the Island of Love

Gorgeous landscapes and paradise beaches – all within your reach.

Stay Mediterranean

Stunning beaches, plentiful romance, and olives for days

As you may have heard, Cyprus is pleasantly known as the ‘Island of Love’ by those who visit. And sure, many will say the island got its moniker thanks to the claims of it being the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. But in truth, and to us that know the island, a more fitting name would be something along the lines of ‘Island of So Many Things You Will Definitely Love’ – but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. Cyprus is a true Mediterranean dream, and there is no surprise that it sees so many excited island-hoppers year after year. The landscapes are draped in beautiful rolling hills and lush valleys, sprawling forests and fields, and crystal-clear waters that stretches onto paradise beaches with every wave. Of course, Cyprus offers unique cultural and historical treasures as well. There are archaeological sites around (almost) every corner. Medieval settlements, ancient monuments, and architectural wonders frozen in time – the island is proudly displaying history all the way back to our earliest civilisation. And then there’s the vibrant and delicious cuisine, the warm and friendly locals, wine districts and vineyards, stunning golf courses, wonderous hiking trails, plentiful fishing spots, and all and any other things you and everybody you know loves. Cyprus is a gem that has it all, and soon enough you’ll be calling it the Island of Love too.

Stay Cypriot

Stunning beaches, plentiful romance, and olives for days