Stay forever divine

A thousand paradise islands. A million reasons to come.

Where myths are born

Cultural treasures, fantastic flavours, and paradise beaches – simply Greece

If a country is the birthplace of both western civilisation and the moussaka, there must be something very special about it. In the case of Greece, this more than accurate. Most people know Greece as the epitome of Mediterranean paradise. The whitewashed facades of the stone houses beam proudly in the sunlight, the azure blue waters feel mystically soothing to the skin, and the myriad of delicious dishes taste like nothing and nowhere else. There’s an inexplainable magnetism to the country, and Greece is as popular as ever. On the mainland, you find cities as fascinating as they are beautiful. With ancient history and heritage felt everywhere you turn, they set the stage for you to make your own discoveries. Whether that’s a visit to a museum, an architectural wonder, or a sandy beach, that’s entirely up to you. Hopping between the infinite number of paradise islands is a dream too. The Greek Seas are home to around 6000 gorgeous islands, and while only 227 of these are inhabited, they all tempt you with promise of wonderful beaches, olives, retsina, and feta cheese. Greece has been delivering the best of the best since forever, and often served with a healthy portion of tzatziki. Have some yourself.

Stay Greek

Cultural treasures, fantastic flavours, and paradise beaches – simply Greece