The city with a mythological view of Mount Olympus

Thessaloniki is a city that has truly stood the test of time! It was first founded in 315 BC and has been a vital port destination in Greece ever since. Fast forward a few hundred years – a huge portion of the city burnt down in 1917 and yet another portion was destroyed by bombings during World War 2. Despite all of its setbacks, the city has become a modern Greek treasure that is sure to delight any traveller with its vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping, and café-lined waterfront beneath ancient structures, like the iconic White Tower. Thessaloniki’s unique location in the northern part of Greece makes it a perfect port destination with easy access to the Balkans, Turkey, and other parts of Greece. It is therefore the site of many international business and political events. Not only is the city’s trade international, but so is the food! Thessaloniki is a culinary cornucopia of cuisines from Istanbul and Pontos, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, Macedonia and Thrace. There’s sure to be a little something for everyone. Hop on your next bus, plane, or train and make your way to this unique and exciting port city!