Enveloped by palm trees

Beach enthusiasts, look no further. Larnaca is the place to be if you’re looking for a gorgeous Mediterranean vacation spot with great weather, phenomenal food, and relaxing swims. No less than three of the city’s beaches have been bestowed the coveted Blue Flag-award, so you’re destined to have unforgettable experiences. Larnaca is still Cyprus’ third largest city, so there are plenty of other activities to fill your days and nights with aside from just the heavenly beach life. The city’s Old Town is exquisitely charming, the seaside promenade is well worth a stroll, and the nearby Larnaca salt lake where they used donkeys for salt harvesting is today a sanctuary for some 85 species of birds. The city having its own airport is of course a huge plus as well, as your transfers won’t turn into hour-long safaris into uncharted lands or force you to spend half the holiday just going from A to B. Instead, Larnaca is all about sun, beach, and slowed-down tempo. Sounds pretty good, right?

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