Long Live Roskilde

Roskilde may only reach number 10 on the list of Denmark’s biggest cities, but it tops most visitors’ lists for ‘Clearly, Absolutely, and Definitely Most Charming’. It’s an old city that dates all the way back to the Viking Age, and you can really feel it while walking the streets. The cobblestones are smooth from the wear and tear of hundreds of thousands of steps, green ivies snake across the city facades, and many spots, corners, and moments seem frozen in time. For almost 400 years Roskilde served as the capital of Denmark. So, it was here that the monarchs held their courts and the bishops their sermons. Today you can visit the 39 tombs of the kings and queens in the town’s impressive Gothic cathedral. The city situated right by the Roskilde fjord, and besides the beauty, it serves as protection and gave the city an ideal seat for commerce. Today, the fjord is still used for maritime activities, and it’s as beautiful as ever. Despite the venerable heritage and the long history of the city, its atmosphere is also filled with the excitement and energy of youth. The young minds of the city’s university have had their influence, of course, and a prospering art scene keep conversations going. Then there’s the world-famous music festival which sees 130 000 visitors every year. So, time your visit well, and you just might bump into your favourite artists.

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