The capital of Hygge

Visiting Copenhagen always means a great time. There are so many things to do, not matter if you’re looking to fill a day, a week, or a full month. As the capital is traditionally experienced from a bike saddle, a good advice is to just embrace ones inner Dane and hop on a saddle. There are more bicycles than people here, and on every street you’ll see locals zipping by, most likely on their way to the next hygge. But the city is accessible in every sense of the word, so can just as easily walk, hop on a bus, or take the metro to the sights, if you prefer. You’re never far from excitement. Spend some time at renowned Tivoli amusement park, check off stars in the Michelin guide, read up on Kierkegaard and Blixen, have a pastry break, go macro at a microbrewery, enjoy artsy and jaw-dropping Louisiana, take an architectural tour, dive into timeless design, walk up Strøget, walk down again, shop until you drop, have another pastry break, climb the serpentine spire of the Church of Our Saviour, swim in the city canals, slow down in Christiania’s Freetown, slide down CopenHill, say hi to the Little Mermaid, treat yourself in colourful Nyhavn, have a third pastry break, and get busy with the latest trends in the world’s coolest neighbourhood – Nørrebro. Or take it slow, and simply let Copenhagen come to you.

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