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Less stress, more amore – this boot was made for loving

There are a million reasons to fall in love with the world’s most popular boot. The Italian landscapes are dynamic and dramatic, with green rolling hills, golden wheat fields, emerald forests running along the coasts, and snow-capped mountain tops stretching towards clear blue skies. As the Italian peninsula is narrow, you are never far from the coast and a refreshing swim. And all along the shoreline, as well as the many islands, sandy beaches and diving spots greet the Mediterranean waters. Just waiting for you. It's not only the natural scenery that is so special. You’ll find bustling cities full of chaotic charm and energy, delightful hillside towns, and calm, little countryside villages. Wherever you choose to go, you can be sure you won’t ever have to go hungry. The Italian cuisine is celebrated worldwide, and universally so. Delicious pizza, pasta, and pesto, and red, white, and pink wines from every district, and gelato, truffles, and cheese. You will find something for every palette on every plate, and you will want to try it all. The country’s incredible cultural riches are yet another reason to book and plan your Italy trip as soon as you can. From the well-preserved Etruscan settlements and entire cities buried under volcanic ash, to the wonders of the Roman Empire and unrivalled masters of the Renaissance. Italy is forever a centre of culture and artistry. The food, art, and philosophy of ‘il dolce far niente’ in Italy is impossible not to fall head over heels for. So, don’t worry – it’s completely normal to become an Italophile overnight.

Stay Italian

Less stress, more amore – this boot was made for loving